Luna and the Gypsies

A leading fashion brand inspired by strong, carefree, independent women from across the globe with each outfit telling a story of adventure and experience from far-away lands. Each collection embraces bravery, with casual and sophisticated looks using an eclectic mixture of the finest quality of fabrics, beautiful textures and unique prints with a vintage yet relevant aesthetic from handmade clutches, to belts, to dresses, kaftans, boots, & more... be prepared to wander and fall in love with pieces that embrace a quirky feel, shaped by highly unique & free-spirited aesthetics.

Little Luna; A Seasonal Collection

A limited pop-up playful age appropriate collection by little Luna is featured in Luna and the Gypsies boutique. For little gypsies as young as one year old that are filled with curiosity for the world. The perfect startup for our little wanderers. Each piece is unique and limited in quantity.